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We Are Wayan & Lina 
The Team

Lina is the general gofor, washer upper cook & office lady. She keeps everything running smoothly, and keeps Wayan on track - for all you femininsts out there, she is very happy to be all those things, (I told her to be happy).
Wayan has been in Indonesia for thousands of years now arriving on the shores of Bali from good old Blighty, where he ran several successfull businesses including website designing developing & building sites. He is also a professional artist with paintings in private collections around the world. After retiring from the business world with nothing much to do he Discovered Coffee Cup Software & quickly got himself into the new responsiveness for websites. It soon became obvious that there was a need for tuition in these new apps to help people get going.
Hence was born firstly Foundation Framer Tutorials, & now RSD Tutorials.
Nowadays he concentrates his interests & energy into helping people who are stuck with a design using the Responsive Site Designer front end app.
We have also recently introduced our new section "Themes" which has a collection of websites, & landing pages already made for you to purchase at very reasonable prices, which include help & support for anyone purchasing a theme.


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