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Winter Wonderland    A  Full on responsive 6 page website
Suitable For Most Types Of Business 

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This Theme Is Made With Foundation Framer
then you can still open it & save it as a RSD file

12 March 2018

A fully responsive website theme from RSD Tutorials. I have included a PDF (printable or downloadable) document with the RSD project, Altough the design is primarily for a travel services business, it could easily be adapted for other business types especially the services sector. This site has orbit slider on the index page, a customised confirmation page for completed forms, and a background video on the galery page which is hosted locally in RSD, you can chnge the hosting to an outside video hosting service if you have one.The gallery also has a lightbox type of slideshow using the Modal window component within RSD.

  • This PREMIUM theme includes:
  • 1 month help & support from me here at RSD Tutorials
  • Guide & videos for altering-restyling, this theme.
You are free to change the design however you need. You can use this theme & any images that are present for any use including commercial use, (a disclaimer may be required if you display the images on social media)
You CANNOT re-distribute this theme in it's original design, in any way shape or form, either freely given or sold, rented or otherwise, unless you have written agreement from me.
You can see
Creative Commons legal jargon (>>>here)

80 $ US

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